How can you make a vacuum cleaner.

Do you know How to make a real vacuum cleaner? Then reed folwoing steps.

We will see in this place that if we meet, we will have to look at the materials required for making it. First of all you have to make a suction pipe, motors, Gold Baba two feet high and the girder at least one foot high. You will need wires and sockets for supply as well as switch screw driver, glue, flower for on and off. Etc. If you have materials, you can make a vacuum cleaner at home.

When you have a vacuum cleaner off at home, you must first decide what you are going to use it for. Because if you want to wash and clean it in large quantities, add a large amount of water that you need. However, if you have a low-powered vacuum cleaner to clean the dust on the small but small house, you can start your work from it.

  1. First of all, take this round box and make an adjustment to fit the motor in it. In this country, care must be taken to ensure that the motor slows down in a way.
  2. Then make two different stages of wet waste dry waste collection by dividing it.
  3. Then create an input hole with these two speeds. Both of these calls require water to be segregated into separate waste.
  4. After this, take the motor which is useful for throwing and put the fan on one side of it. The fan absorbs the outside air inside. This type of attachment to their motor allows the outside air to be found inside while the outside garbage comes in with it inside.
  5. After this, two clips should be installed to connect the suction pipe to the place where the two halls are lying.
  6. Take the suction pipe and stick it properly in this lift and connect the blower to the front of the left. Through this blog the tax on the ground is absorbed from the lower into the inner pipe and it is stored either in different stages.
  7. Then put the switch in the round box so that the supply to the motor can be turned on and off through the V.
  8. To supply power through that switch, add a wire at least three to four meters long and connect it to the front side.
  9. The vacuum cleaner used should be of good quality and flexible so that care is taken not to damage the pipe while moving it from side to side.
  10. After preparing the vacuum cleaner in this way, the bill should be placed on the underside of it so that there is no friction with the ground while flying from here to there.

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How To Start The Vacuum Cleaner?

To start a vacuum cleaner, you first need electricity. First connect to the electricity board. Then switch on the board. After the meal, an indicator will turn on at the vacuum cleaner. This means that the electric city has reached the vacuum cleaner. After switching on the electricity, one asks the vacuum cleaner to switch it on. The vacuum cleaner will then start.

What Is The Profit Of Vacuum Cleaner.

There are many vacuum cleaner benefits out of which we will understand the following benefits. We will take a look at the benefits one by one. The advantage of this is that it is used for learning to clean the house. It is cleaned very fast through a vacuum cleaner. If there is a big house, then in such a place the task of cleaning away with the help of man is done. At such times the house can be cleaned of dust with its help. For this, there are many items available in the market today. We can buy whatever we want according to our needs.

How To Open A Vacuum Cleaner Motor?

To remove the home motor, you first need to set aside the electric city wire on the back side of the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner is then fitted to the cap through the school on the side of it but you should remove the screw and set aside. After removing the fairy cap, the motor is seated inside with the help of network. With the help of screw driver, open the inner nutbolt and move the motor to the side. For this you need screw driver, grip etc. If we have these things we can do the motor side at home.


Why Is It Called A Vacuum Cleaner?

We are going to learn the history of why it was named as Vacuum Cleaner. The air pressure absorbs the dust on the ground and stores it in a basket and the ground is cleaned. With the help of a machine, a large amount of air pressure is created in it and the work of cleaning the ground is done due to this air pressure. Air pressure is important in all these processes i.e. the machine that cleans the ground with the help of vacuum was named as vacuum cleaner.

How Can You Make A Vacuum Cleaner?

First you have to take a round box and put an air suction motor in it. After that he should add a pipe to join his hands and absorb the smoke. Add a blower to the front of the pipe. And two types of clothes should be made in the left so that the wet waste can be stored in this place and the dry waste can be stored in another place. When wet waste is to be collected, a pipe should be connected to the wet waste stage. And when dry waste is to be collected, a pipe should be connected to the hall of dry waste.

How Do You Use A Vacuum Cleaner Step By Step?

Attach the vacuum cleaner suction pipe. Then add the type of flower that you want to clean away in front of the suction pipe. First open the vacuum cleaner and insert its wire into the electricity and then turn on the electric switch. Then switch on the vacancy dam. And place the blower wherever you want so that the ground dust can be stored in its various stages through the blower.

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