How to repair mixer grinder at home.

In today’s post we will see how to repair mixer grinder at home. Mixer grinder is always in your home use. Some technical glitch may cause your mixer to break down or your fault may cause it to malfunction. Today we are going to look at how to fix a breakdown at home. Here are some tips to help you make your faulty mixer grinder at home. For this you need to have some tools including screw driver nut bolts, leaf, taxo etc. If you have these things, you can repair a faulty mixer grinder at home. Use the following power to make a faulty mixer grinder at home.

Process Off Repair Mixer Grinder At Home.

  • First clean the faulty mixer and clean the dust on it. While cleaning this dust, you should first use a sun cloth and then clean the dust on it with a damp cloth.
  • After cleaning the dust, first check the mixer grinder with the help of screw driver. This means that the electric farm wire is left on the Egyptian motor.
  • If there is a wire in three, then make sure that the wire is damaged from the place where it is supplied. If the wire is in order, then the next action should be taken.
  • First of all, turn the mixer upside down to remove the screw driver from it and loosen the back panel.
  • After loosening the back panel, make sure where the wire is cut inside. First of all, make sure that the wires are properly connected to the supply from the incoming supply and then from the switch passing through it.
  • If the wires are damaged, they should be cut and replaced with new ones. If all the wires are correct, make sure there is a loose connection.
  • If there is a loose connection, you need to have a multimeter to make sure that there is no malfunction in the motor. With the help of a multimeter you can be sure.
  • If Y is OK in all places and if the mot is getting proper supply and if the motor is not rotating then check the rewinding of the motor. If the motor has some difficulty in rewinding the motor may become unable to rotate.
  • After checking everything, you should close the back cover of the mixer and ground properly and fit it with the help of screws.
  • The mixer and grinder should be set aside to make sure that all the places are seated properly. We looked at how to make a mixer grinder at home. Based on the above information you can repair mixer grinder at home.
  • Types Of Faults In Mixer Grinder.
  • Different types of falls can form in the mixer center. We will learn how they can be formed and what are the causes. Or you can find a solution to the technical glitch in all the groups when you understand what has happened. Below we will look at some of the types of disorders that can occur in a mixer.
  • 1.Mixer Grinder Overload Switch Not Working.
    When we put a large amount of hotel in the mixer pot, the mixer sometimes shuts off. We are going to study what could be the reason behind turning off the mixer due to old. When a large amount of hotel is put in the pot, it pulls and puts pressure on the motor. After the pressure builds up, either the motor breaks down or the switch breaks down. In this case first check the fuse. The noise causes the pressure to drop when the friend is pressed and the fuse is shorted to break the pressure on the motor. Some sweets are also likely to go bad at such times. The switch should be checked first if the motor pressure comes and the motor breaks down.
    2.Mixer grinder stopped working suddenly.
    We are going to find out what could be the reason behind the sudden turn off of the mixer. On some, the electric mixer grinder may malfunction and the center of the north may suddenly shut down. Sometimes even due to loading, the fuse of the motor may go off and the grinder mixer may turn off. There can be many reasons for sudden closure, both of which are the main ones. If both of the above reasons are not present, the winding should be checked first or the winding of the motor may survive due to the pressure of over electricity so that the mixer may shut down ill. Even when there will be some people connection inside, a grinder mixer may suddenly turn off.
    3.mixer grinder motor jam, mixer grinder repair.
    This type of motor jam in a mixer grinder is common. There can be many reasons for this. The main reason for this is that dust in the motors as well as many objects can get into it, which can lead to motor jams. Sometimes, when the mixer grinder is grinding a substance, the mixer grinder 30 is brought and it can get stuck in the parts of the motor and cause motor jam. For this we have to take proper precautions. No waste should be allowed in nature.
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