How to Save on Life Insurance Rates

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Too many Americans pay too much money for life insurance, simply because they have not learned how to save on rates. Instead of accepting the first quote that shows up in the mailbox, follow these tips to cut the cost of your financial wellness.

Start by choosing companies that offer no-load insurance policies. The insurance industry uses the term “load” to describe the administrative fees and the agent commissions that companies tack on to your premium payment. Even though you pay the same amount every month, some companies use your first few years of payments to cover their own costs before applying any money to your account. You can save on rates and get better benefits by dealing with a company that does not pass along its expenses to you.

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Save more money on your life insurance rates by shopping for a policy at a young age. Since your age determines your premium, you can lock in tremendous savings by starting a policy as soon as you have dependents that rely on you for income.

Choose the annual instalment option. Most companies will gladly let you make monthly or quarterly premium payments. However, each time you write a check to your insurance provider, they charge a processing fee. Even though the fee may only be a few dollars, those little charges add up over a lifetime of premium payments – and that money doesn’t go toward your life insurance!

Stay healthy. When you eat right, exercise, and stay away from tobacco, you can save on your insurance rates by qualifying for “preferred status.” Healthy people simply live longer, and insurance companies reward them with less expensive policies.

Choose the right amount of insurance for your needs. Remember that you, your family, and your insurance company all expect you to live for a nice, long time. Find the right balance between the amount of death benefit that your family really needs and an appropriate premium payment that keeps money in your pocket for right now.

Hunt for the best prices. Insurance companies want to compete for your business. Use the Internet to track down quality insurance companies that want to offer you cheaper rates. If you prefer the human touch, work with an independent agent who can shop your policy to a number of competing providers.

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best health insurance companies

Check with your boss. Your company or your professional association may already participate in a group insurance program that can provide you with strong coverage at discounted rates. In some cases, you may not even need to complete a medical exam.

Keep your eye on the bottom line. Look at all of your enrollment material carefully. Make sure that you or your company have not requested any unwanted or unnecessary riders, programs, or extras. Ask questions about each feature that your insurance provider offers, and request that your representative break down a typical bill so you can see where your premium payment really goes.

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