au small finance bank believes in helping find the best bank account that suits your requirements you are an individual,au small finance bank running a business

What Is Au Small Finance Bank? AU Small Finance Bank, an initiative of AU (Anjani Unnayan) Group, and India’s first small finance bank were incorporated as a Public Limited Company in February 2015.

Why Choose Au Small Finance Bank? We have the vision to bring financial inclusion to the doorstep of every Indian. We are committed to providing you with banking solutions that perfectly cater to your needs above all else.

How AU Can Help Au Small Finance Bank You ? A financial institution is a part of the economy. Governments have established regulatory schemes that provide the rules, framework, and oversight of the financial system to ensure that the system is stable and to protect the consumer.

Why Au Small Finance Bank Is The Best Bank For You? When you start looking for a financial institution to help you out with your banking needs, there are several factors that may come into play as you make your choice.

Why Speed Is Important Au Small Finance Bank? Today, everyone’s time is valuable. No one has time to wait in line at the bank to deposit their checks or wait for a bank transfer to go through.

How Au Small Finance Bank Is Important For Businesses? As the name implies, Small Finance Bank is a bank that is solely meant for small businesses which are not able to get financial support from the larger banks.

Know More About Au Small Finance Bank: We believe in the power of technology and the goodness of people. We believe in a better tomorrow and that is why we are here.