Best penny stocks to buy in India 2022 under 5

There's no doubt that the Indian market is on the rise, and penny stocks have been particularly impactful in this growth.

That's because penny stocks are often cheap (thanks to their low valuations), and they offer high potential for future growth.

Here are five of the best penny stocks to buy in India 2022 under 5:

1) HAPPYJOY TECHNOLOGIES LTD.: This company provides innovative technology solutions across various industries, including gaming, mobile commerce, e-commerce, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and more.

 The stock has seen considerable increases over the past few months due to its strong business prospects. 

2) ZIVO TECHNOLOGIES LTD.: This company offers unique cloud computing services that allow businesses of all sizes to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Its shares have also appreciated significantly in recent times thanks to these same benefits.]]3) INFRASTRUCTURE MIND SOLUTION PVT LIMITED: