debt free penny stocks below 1 rupee screener

Are you looking for penny stocks that are debt free? If so, we've got you covered! In this article, we'll be providing a screener to help you find penny stocks that are free of debt.

This is a great way to get started investing in low-cost stocks, and it's an important factor to consider if you want to invest in penny stocks without risking your money.

So be sure to check out our screener and find the best penny stocks for you! Note: This article was updated in March of 2019. What is a Debt-Free Penny Stock?

Under the strict definition of "debt," any company with debt is not considered to be in great health. Having that kind of increase pressure on a business can cause its underlying assets (stocks, cash flow) and profitability to decrease as it struggles under the weight of an unsustainable level of debt.

This can easily make a company appear amazing, potentially undervalued and worth the risk. But this is not what Investopedia considers to be a "debt-free" penny stock. Being debt free simply means that there has been no public or private issuance of new shares since inception for as long as we have reviewed stocks on our site.

Likewise, there must not be any outstanding debt to suppliers such as banks or bondholders. Debt-free doesn't mean that a company is exactly financially healthy and profitable; it's just important to know what you're looking for before you invest in these high risk stocks.

It's a simple rule, but one that is essential to understanding penny stock investing and the potential for profit or loss in your portfolio. Why you should avoid buying shares at new-share prices:

Underwriting expense The UBTZ requires companies claiming total dividends be "debt free" throughout their fiscal year ending 12/31 (the last day of their fiscal year). there must not be any outstanding debt to suppliers such as banks or bondholders.