how to buy mutual funds in zerodha

Can I buy mutual fund in Zerodha? How can I buy and sell mutual funds in Zerodha?

 if you want invest in matchutal fund then  zerodha is best

To buy mutual funds online, you can use portals like FundScreener or

These portals offer a wide range of options to choose from and make it easy to compare the different fund profiles and find the right investment for your needs.

Brokerages are another popular way to buy mutual funds. They offer a wider range of products and services than portal-based buying systems,

and they also have more in-house expertise when it comes to fund selection. Though brokerage fees tend to be higher than those charged by portal-based systems, they also offer better customer support and broader product offerings. 

Insurance companies are another option for buying mutual funds – though they usually don't carry as many products as the other two types of buyers.

how to buy mutual funds in zerodha