is it safe to buy penny stocks

How to Buy Penny StocksPenny stock scammers get rich luring inexperienced investors into investing in worthless companies and taking their money.

Penny stocks should not account for more than 10% of your total equity portfolio. This means if your total investment portfolio is Rs 20 lakh

Who should buy penny stocks? — Penny stocks are suitable for those investors who are ready to take high risks in expectations to get high returns.

But, there are also stories of how investors wagered everything on penny stocks and ended up losing it all. Penny stocks are not a risk worth taking.

No! Penny stocks are not good investments. However, penny stocks can be great for day trading and short-term swing trading

Penny stocks represent a volatile and risky part of the stock market, and many investors have suffered big losses trying to invest in them.

You don't make any money on an investment until you sell that investment and realize a gain on the sale. Penny stocks bring together the dangerous combination

Why Should You Invest in Penny Stocks? Penny stocks can be considered a hit or miss security. Companies issuing them might grow into a large organisations