Most active shares below Rs 10

Understanding Market Dynamics: Criteria for Active Shares

Volume and Liquidity Active shares are characterized by high trading volumes and liquidity. Look for stocks that consistently attract investor interest, ensuring ease of buying and selling.

Volatility and Price Movement Dynamic shares often exhibit volatility, presenting opportunities for quick gains. Analyze price movements and identify stocks with a history of significant yet manageable fluctuations.

1. XYZ Pharma (Ticker: XYZP) Sector: Pharmaceuticals Price: Rs 8.50

2. TechVentures Ltd (Ticker: TVL) Sector: Technology Price: Rs 9.25

3. EcoEnergy Solutions (Ticker: EES) Sector: Renewable Energy Price: Rs 7.90

3. TechRevolution Inc. (Ticker: TECHR) Industry: Technology Price: $7.90

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