Fundamentally strong penny stocks - screener

Penny stocks are generally considered to be very risky investments, with a high degree of volatility. That being said, there are a handful of stocks that are stand out for their fundamental strength and stability.

In this screener, you'll find a list of these strong penny stocks. Use it to help Identify high-quality investments that will provide you with long-term returns.

So be sure to check out our screener and find the best penny stocks for you! Note: This article was updated in March of 2019. What is a Debt-Free Penny Stock?

The idea of POD announcements is to plan production and manufacturing in the future. Penny stocks can be buying, holding, shorting or selling once they are designated as a penny stock by any SBG research experts when it deems that there is adequate liquidity for its assessment at launch time .

Alternatively SBG can choose to make an assessment at the discretion of any senior portfolio manager. Below is a list click on penny stocks to get our team's analysis or read full report in pdf format by clicking here Penny Stocks Screener List Market Name Symbol Price (USD) Size Initial Assessment Description Overall Rating for Fast-Growing Penny Stock Market Fungis Network PYNT

$0. 485 Million $34.50 High - You are allowed to trade this stock when management releases updated financial statements: Year-To-date (YTD) performance is positive with a return of approximately 41%.

The company reported that it had no debt as at the end of 2017 and therefore producing substantial excess cash flow which can be used for further development purposes in 2018 .

Looking for penny stocks that are fundamentally strong? Our screener can help you find high-quality stocks that are likely to perform well in the near future.